Tonight I was looking through some pictures from when I went to South Africa and it made me miss it so much. It made me think about why I am pursuing the career I am and one word came to mind: love.

When I tell a lot of people my major, I get weird looks and have to explain what global ministry is or I just get told ‘oh, good luck with that’ and it puts a damper on things. But then I remember why I am doing it and who I am doing it for and everything in me bursts with excitement.

When I think of ministry and going out into the world, I don’t automatically think of Jesus (sorry Jesus), I think of love and that is what I think ministry should be based on. When we love people, we show them the image of God rather than trying to shove it down their throats.

Love is the key to EVERYTHING. Everyone wants to feel loved and comforted. Be that love for someone.

I was able to do this while I was in Africa and it sparked my passion-to go love and help those who have had injustices done to them.

I put some pictures below that show how loving people can bring out the happiness in them AND you. Its a simple act that spreads a whole lot of goodness, I encourage everyone to try it:)


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