Before you read: Know that this is my opinion on a topic and I debated even writing it but I did and if you don’t agree, well, shoot dang.

This past week, I got to work a bike ride called Aids Life Cycle where riders raise money and ride from San Fransisco to Los Angeles. Most of the riders are gay and it’s absolutely amazing in so many ways.

This ride features days such as red dress day where everyone dresses in red dresses on the ride. Theres a nail painting night, theres make up, theirs wigs and glitter. It is a safe place for people to be who they want to be.

On this ride, I get to interact with so many of the riders and get to hear so many stories about why they do the ride. Listening to how these people have had the courage to do what they have done and gone through amazes me. So many people have lost friendships, families, jobs and their lives due to being gay. That is ridiculous.

I love doing this ride because I love the people on it. This week, I was never yelled at or talked down to. No one got mad when we didn’t have a part for them. No one got grumpy at me in the morning or got mad when I couldn’t understand them.

Instead, this whole week was filled with thank yous, many people telling us how much we are appreciated, life changing stories, how fabulous I am and hugs-LOTS OF HUGS.

As Christians, we are told that being gay is a sin and that it is wrong and many Christians view gays as outcasts, but why? We don’t look at an alcoholic or a homeless person and say sorry you’re not welcome here. We tend to help those in need of help. Why is it so different when it comes to those that like the same sex? It doesn’t harm you in any way.

Everyone struggles with something-whether that be insecurities, substances or relationships, EVERYONE goes through some sort of trials or sins. No one sin is greater than another so why do we put being gay at such a ‘high level’ of sin?

Christians (and the whole world) should learn to be more like the gay community. This group of people is the nicest, warmest and most non judging people I have ever met.

The picture below is a group of the bike mechanics and this just shows how much fun the ride is-we get to participate! We dress up in ridiculous outfits and people get to be who they truly want to be for a week. I can’t wait for next year!IMG_4745.jpg


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