If you don’t already know, the Lord has a very humorous side.

Last month while I was at school, I had two friends both write me separate notes and both of those notes possessed the same message to me- that I am full of life and will be using that to plant seeds inside of people for the Lord. After I read these, I didn’t think anything of it. I just kinda thought huh, I don’t know where this will be leading me.

Fast forward to now, a month later, I am at home and have already had some weird things occur. People that I wouldn’t normally hang out with or talk to have reached out to me and want to hang out.

I thought nothing of these people asking to hang out. I just thought they ya know, wanted to hang out.

Well, this past week I have had dreams of these people. Not like creepy dreams, but they have just been in my dreams.

I wanted this summer to just kinda be a ‘low key’ summer. I wasn’t going to really do anything other than work and workout. I didn’t want to re-introduce myself to people that knew old me. But, the Lord laughed and said no no.

So, connecting all these dots together, these people that reached out to me are my first personal mission. They are the people that I am going to pursue in planting a seed inside of for the Lord. I don’t know how this is going to go, so we shall see!



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